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On a visit to Panama City

When I came to Ecuador and visited Cuenca for the first time in 2003, I knew that I just had to come back and live here.  I love helping people to fulfill their dreams of doing the same.   - Aaron

My Story

Starting a new life as an expat in another country is not easy.  I learned my way through the process largely via trial and error.  That isn't so fun.

Upon hearing about the need for an expat guide to show people around the country and direct them on such topics as visas, bringing stuff or not, watching TV, opening bank accounts, health insurance, bringing pets, and a slew of other things, it sounded like a lot of fun, not to mention rewarding.  After doing tours for about 2 years, I can say its been all that and much more!

"That is what you get from a truly personalized experience - one that can only come from a small group tour like Aaron's, unlike the larger group tours I've seen." - Steve

Why choose Discover Ecuador Tours

Simply put, learning from the experiences (and failures) of others is just the smarter way to go.  Plus, most people just can't effectively decide to make such a big move, as well as where to move to, without experiencing life there first.

Smaller, more personalized tours

We don't allow large groups (max 10 persons) in order to provide to each person the personal attention that is deserved.  Also, where possible, we try to tailor the itinerary to the interests of those on the tour.  We just want to exceed each person's expectations.

More time on the ground seeing stuff

We try to limit as much as possible the amount of time we spend on the van/bus.  We know that your time is best spent actually seeing these new places first-hand, and not just through a window while passing by.

We're not selling you anything

There's absolutely no selling on the tour.  Its purely informational.  We recognize that making the move isn't for everyone, so its up to you to decide.  We're just here to help you collect all the data, enabling you to make the right decision with ease.

Solid, simple recommendations

Based on years of experience spent in-country, We've put together recommendations on the best professionals in each field that can aid you in the immigration process.  There are many options, and no one pays us to recommend them on the tour.  We just like to keep it simple and offer who we feel will be the best for out clients.

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