Earthquake update

UPDATE June 13, 2016: Due to the unique solidarity displayed by Ecuadorians and others, we are resuming the Coastal tours starting in August 2016! The itinerary may change slightly, but we will still be able to enjoy beautiful beaches and be introduced to what Coastal life can be for you in South America. Sign up today to join us in viewing the Coast and Sierra!

As with the rest of the world, we feel deeply hurt by the tragedy that has occurred for so many families. Our thoughts and best wishes are with them, while we continue to help here in the country with the provision of practical assistance for the victims.

Due to the massive amount of destruction along the Northern coast of Ecuador following the earthquake that registered 7.8 on April 16th, all upcoming tours for the coastal regions have been cancelled for now. Although the Salinas area and other parts of the Santa Elena province have been largely unaffected, this would make for too much traveling to see just one or two places of interest.

Since the recent earthquake and the continued aftershocks, many people realize that focusing on real estate or a move to relocate to the coast just isn’t feasible at this time. For this reason, we will continue to focus our attention on the ever-popular areas found in the Andes mountains like Cuenca, Vilcabamba, Loja, etc. The coastal areas previously visited will, unfortunately, not be ready to receive any amounts of tourism for quite some time.

We are looking into other possible extensions to our regular Andes tour that may be able to include the unaffected areas of the coast and/or portions of the Northern regions of the country around Quito, like Otavalo and others. We will post any changes or new tour options on our website.

By all means, do not wipe Ecuador off your list of places to consider for relocation! While certain areas of the country have been affected greatly, the rest of the country remains in tact and progressing as usual. We will educate you on the benefits of relocation to Ecuador as well as any adjustments the recent earthquake has caused.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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