Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When planning your trip, you will no doubt have a lot of questions.  We will send out to you a series of emails as the date for your tour approaches.  These emails will include helpful information for planning your trip.  You can of course contact us anytime, but these questions frequently asked by our clients thinking about relocating to Ecuador may help you get started.

Which airport should we fly into?

That may depend on your plans.  Typically, we recommend currently that all guests fly into the Guayaquil international airport.  However, since we have plans to implement some new itineraries which may be better served from the Quito international airport, then you may want to ask us which will be best for your plans.

How much cash should we bring?

Depending on your plans, from $300 to $500 should be plenty.  There are plenty of ATMs throughout the country where we will be traveling, so you can always get cash easily.  Check with your bank as to whether or not they will charge you any international fees and notify them of your plans.

What kind of clothes should we pack?

Look for your pre-tour emails as we will notify you about these suggestions based on the locations you will be touring.