Getting your residency visa in Cuenca

According to this announcement from the Exterior Relations Ministry (original page in Spanish), all applications for permanent residency for those living in Cuenca and surrounding areas will now be handled in the city of Azogues. While it is a strange move (no large population of foreigners there), this will impact the hundreds that come to Cuenca to live.

Visa application

What does it mean for me? Well, it means more traveling back and forth to Azogues. While that may not be a big deal to you, it highlights two important points that all expats should be aware of..

Using a visa facilitator


If you decide to use a facilitator to aid you in obtaining a visa, as we suggest, then you receive several advantages. First, you avoid the headaches that come along with doing any sort of paperwork in a foreign place. Ask anyone … it can be a real pain sometimes. Second, and more importantly, if you deal with a facilitator that can help you to actually receive your visa out of the country, and before you even arrive, then you avoid any unnecessary travel within Ecuador. By taking advantage of this method, you can actually enter the country as a resident and this greatly facilitates bringing in a container, if that is something you are doing.

We will cover all these points on our tour. In addition, you will meet with a top visa facilitator that will answer all of your inquiries. This highlights one of the advantages of taking our tour: whether you decide to use a visa facilitator or not, which is entirely up to you, after taking our tour, you will know what you are getting into and what is involved.

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