More reasons to consider Cuenca for relocation

We all know that Cuenca, situated in the Andes mountains at about 8,000 ft. elevation, has been on the radar of most persons looking into relocating recently, but now there are a couple more reasons that it definitely should be one of the places you consider.

Crime & Safety

This coincides with the fact that even persons from other Latin American countries are flocking more and more to this area. When I asked recently a group of young persons who had moved from another South American country as to why and how they liked it, the response was unanimous, “We feel so much safer here.”This is a point high up on anyone’s list of important factors to consider. Recently, a report has recognized that Cuenca has one of the lowest murder rates in all of Latin America. It is considerably lower than cities in Panama, Argentina and others. You can read more about this report here.

You will notice, however, that we always provide a balanced viewpoint on matters such as this. Other crimes, like petty theft, are still prevalent here, as in any large city. Nevertheless, having the overall feeling of being safer in the mountain regions of Ecuador might be a deciding factor for you.

Progress and Forward-thinking

Another recent report from the British Financial Times publication group signals Cuenca as the ‘American City of the Future’. The article highlights the quality of life improvements recognized by thousands of foreigners who have already discovered what life is like in Cuenca.

Future improvements to the downtown areas, including the tram system currently under construction, as well as the focus on arts and quality foods and products are just some of the reasons why Cuenca was awarded the number one spot by the group.

Our Andes mountains portion of the tour includes time in and around Cuenca, where you will be able to get some ‘feet on the pavement’ experience and feel the vibe for yourself. You may just want to make it your new home as well.

If you would like to check this and much more out, contact us to sign up for an upcoming tour.

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