Sea lions on the coast of Ecuador and the “Chocolatera”

The “Chocolatera” is located within the naval base of Salinas, on the Santa Elena Peninsula. It is the second most salient point of the South American coast. The name is derived from the action caused in the water due to the two ocean currents meeting and producing shock waves against the rocks. The splashing water mixed with intense sunlight creates a unique and colorful scene.

Sea Lions

The sea lions are also located inside the naval base of Salinas. These awesome creatures are actually from Peru, where they have reproductive colonies. The male sea lions have harems of females and protect them from any intruders. However, when a stronger male comes along, he fights and takes control of the females. The defeated males … yes, the losers! … come to the coast of Ecuador as the ideal place to rest, feed, gain some weight and heal their wounds, getting ready to return and try to recover their female harems. They may be loser sea lions, but they’re still fun to see!

Sea lions on the coast
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