Special pre-conference Andes tour for International Living conference attendees

If you are planning on attending the International Living conference in Ecuador this July, then you will love getting a real “feet-on-the-ground” look at popular destinations in Ecuador before the conference. We will visit Cuenca, Loja and Vilcabamba, spending time in each location to get a feel for what life would be like there.

Perfect weather for napping in Vilcabamba

Don’t miss this opportunity to get the real scoop on how great your life can be living in Ecuador. You will be amazed at the diverse climates, vegetation and great food.In addition, we will meet with experts on getting visas, real estate buying and others as well as a number of expats already living in these areas.

Remember that all of our tours include your in-country transportation (airfare, land transport) as well as airport transfers, hotel accommodations in above-standard hotels, and breakfast and lunch every day while on the tour.

Contact us with any questions or to sign up today!

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