Having returned from my relocation tour of Ecuador with Aaron I keep congratulating myself for choosing his service.
I had determined that this particular tour offered  the best option for getting answers to all my questions
about life in Ecuador due to it’s “feet on the ground” nature.
And I was so right in that decision!
Hosted by the very personable American born Aaron, we traveled and stayed extensively in the Andes and up the Pacific coast during
while Aaron offered commentary and responded to our questions/concerns.
Aaron was absolutely terrific! One could hardly find someone more suited to this role.
For anyone contemplating a move to Ecuador, without reservation I recommend this tour. At the same time I
heartily recommend this as a comprehensive Ecuador education for anyone who desires a richer vacation experience
than the more common choice of vegetating on a beach somewhere.
So, now I am back at home contemplating my future knowing that I can hardly wait to return to this tremendously diverse and beautiful country and the Ecuador people who I found so helpful to this non-Spanish speaking foreigner every time I appeared in need of assistance.