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Discover Ecuador Tour

Starting at $1695

This 7 day/6 night tour features all the favorite expat locations in the entire Andes mountain region.  Skip the 'touristy' options and go on a comprehensive tour to educate you in all matters you need to know about before relocating.


Pacific Coast Tour

Starting at $1495

This 5 day/4 night tour features miles of sandy beaches along the Pacific coast with some very special beach towns.  Check out what life is really like in some of the most popular expat spots in Ecuador.

Private "Build-your-own" Tours

$329 per day

Hire me to take you anywhere in the country, educate you on all matters relating to relocation and moving to Ecuador, and I'll create a custom itinerary just to meet your needs.

Which tour should I pick?

Feel free to contact us with any questions you have about our tours and for us to help you decide what would be the best option for you.  We want you to get everything you could ever hope for out of your trip.