Travel insurance for your visit to Ecuador

Why you need travel insurance

According to the new law on immigration just passed at the end of last month, all tourists desiring to visit Ecuador will be required to show proof of valid insurance for the duration of their stay in the event of a medical emergency.

While many folks may already have this covered under their current health insurance plan, or some other insurer, for those who do not have this coverage, here are some options for obtaining the appropriate insurance coverage for your time here.

The following is a list of options we recommend for our customers.  We will try to keep this list updated regularly.

Note: we found that prices varied somewhat depending on your age, time of travel, country of residence, etc. so we suggest that you check them all out to see which is best for your particular situation.

World Nomads

Coverage for residents of all countries, but has some age limitations.

Its easy to get quotes and purchase coverage online.  Their online account management is easy to use and they offer flexible options even for persons from countries where they have difficulty purchasing insurance.  You can easily make claims online from your account.

World Nomads allow you to extend your coverage as needed.  Also, they do cover adventure sports like bungee jumping.  Of course, you won’t be needing that coverage while touring with us!

They do have some restrictions on age, so be sure to check availability for your situation.  It depends on your country of residence, but we see most restrictions being a maximum of 60 to 70 years of age for coverage.

Get a quote from World Nomads from their website, or use the widget below.

Atlas Travel Insurance

Coverage for residents of all countries, with no age restrictions.

They insure all ages, but maximums per injury are broken into age categories.  Handle all signing up, submissions, etc. online through your account.  They offer an Emergency Evacuation to your home country in case of loss of life or limb as well as an Emergency Reunion benefit to bring a family member to you in case of emergency.

Get a quote from Atlas Travel Insurance online.

Allianz Travel Insurance

Coverage for US residents only.

In addition to offering insurance for single travel dates, they also offer annual plans for traveling.  You must be a resident of the US to purchase coverage from Allianz.

Get a quote from Allianz Travel Insurance online.

Travel Guard

Coverage for US residents only.

Travel Guard breaks up coverage into several different levels so that you may easily choose a plan that fits you best without customizing anything.  Some plans cover minors at no additional cost.

Plenty of information can be found online as to real-life scenarios and how they would be handled using Travel Guard.  We found this information to be helpful to a potential consumer.  In addition, you may read the top 10 reasons to choose Travel Guard, which outlines some of the scenarios in which insurance coverage through them would be a great help.

Get a quote from Travel Guard online.


Coverage for residents of US, UK, Ireland and Australia.

In addition to medical coverage, they all cover travel delay and lost or stolen baggage.  Also noteworthy is that they offer pet insurance if you will be traveling with your pet.  We found the website to be informative although the customer reviews were out of date.

Get a quote from InsureandGo online.


Coverage for US residents only.

Besides the comprehensive medical coverage, you may add on additional services like trip cancellation insurance as well as lost baggage coverage.  We found MEDEX to have some very competitive rates.

Get a quote from MEDEX online.

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